"The Follower to the Shadow" TOMORO

I was the only child and liked to play with shadow. I always played secret shadow game.

When I grew a littele older, that shadow became Soseki Natsume and Aya Kouda(writer), and let me who was coward.
Hyakken Uchida, Michael Andreas Ende.
The shadows which couldn't be seen when I was a child might be the superiors of the life.

When I grew a little more, the books were getting to be shaped. Where did the shadows go?

Reality was received unexpectedly with the bouquet.

A flower as for me blooms.
Light scatters a shadow.
I became a shadow at that moment.

It seems that half of me was I and the other half was something secret.
You who live in the reality haven't noticed that yet.

I like both you and a bouquet.
But I must tell you.
That shadow became "I" which scattere and dance in the flower.
Then, I must run after the shadow as soon as possible.