new "hitotu"No1 English guide

"The spring moon." Kaori Tsuruhara
I had a dream.

There is a spring moon in the sky.
The moon floats in the sky.
"...saku, saku,saku,"
Ahead of the grass with the night dew,

"kiro, kiro, kiro"
I've finally found,
My spring.

I never tell anyone about the spring.
not to dry up again.

The spring moon,
the spring,
the night flower

"Good-bye" by Chiharu Sueishi

"Mom, Mom! Big News!!"

"Say "Hello" MIKA?"
A bakery has disappeared!"
"Really? I didn't notice it."

"I am disappointed because I wanted to eat the rabbit shaped bread."
"That's too bad."
"Why don't you buy another one at the convenience store?"
"No! Not convenience store!"
"Oh, don't you go buy it?"

"What's wrong, MIKA?"
"The bakery has disappeared."
"I know. Come on."

"Here it is."
"This is for you from the bakery."
"The rabbit shaped bread!"
"But this is the last one・・・."

"You really love that bakery, MIKA."
"Hey, What's going on to get together?"
We are moving, too."

"...Why? "
"We heard that a house is building here. "
"We are sorry, but we are sure to see you in another town someday."
"See you!"

"What's the matter?"
"Look. It used to be a gardener."

"I liked it more."
"Many cats were there."
"I said good-bye to the cats. "
"All leaves from MIKA. "
I hate good-bye.

"Baby perspective" by Yumiko Shirai

"The Follower to the Shadow" TOMORO

I was the only child and liked to play with shadow. I always played secret shadow game.

When I grew a littele older, that shadow became Soseki Natsume and Aya Kouda(writer), and let me who was coward.
Hyakken Uchida, Michael Andreas Ende.
The shadows which couldn't be seen when I was a child might be the superiors of the life.

When I grew a little more, the books were getting to be shaped. Where did the shadows go?

Reality was received unexpectedly with the bouquet.

A flower as for me blooms.
Light scatters a shadow.
I became a shadow at that moment.

It seems that half of me was I and the other half was something secret.
You who live in the reality haven't noticed that yet.

I like both you and a bouquet.
But I must tell you.
That shadow became "I" which scattere and dance in the flower.
Then, I must run after the shadow as soon as possible.

"...bloom on the mountain" Kori Kurumiya

Wake up.
It's 3:10

Noon ... Afternoon nap.
U? Oh?

Who is...?

Oh, Myself.

I couldn't recognize myself when I woke up from the dream in the afternoon.

"Bad" by Donkey
I have been there ever since I could remember.
I didn't even know my name.
I was called "Bad".
Why "Bad".

Is that because I have golden eyes?
Is that because I have clothes with thorn?
Is that because I came from the foreign country?
Shit, you be here again!
At all, You are here even if I drive it away how many times.

Don't touch me!
I don't know my homeland any longer!
Here is my home!

"What is the matter? "
"Good morning, boy.
This got in again. "

"However, She is beautiful."
"What? !"
I was called "Bad".
I am the foreigner and all alone in the world.
However, now...

"Oh, I can meet you again."
There is one boy which knows me.

Bad Eggplant (Japanease name) =【solanum carolinense】
The country of origin; North America
This is called "Bad Eggplant" for the sharp thorn of the leaf and the stem.

The flower which looks like an eggplant of the big yellow stamen in the white petal blooms.

"Lovely TOKEBI" Akimo Shimosato
*TOKEBI= the name of the goblin conveyed to the Korean Peninsula .

TISE was an orphan.
Tise wandered from the village to the village, and lived by theft.
One day he was walking in the forest, he noticed something following him
That was TOKEBI.

"KIMU-san,KIMU-san, Let's do sumo." "KIMU-san, KIMU-san, Aren't you scared of me?"
"I am not scared of such a thing!" .
As you thought TOKEBI is scary, TOKEBI becomes more scary. "Then what are you scared of?" "When I commit theft because I am starving, I am caught and punished. That is the most terrible time."

A big TOKEBI came to the sight in front of him.
Is it more scary than I?"
It's more scary than you to think of dying in alone."
"I saw a courageous child like you for the first time.
I like you.
We are comrade."
"No! I like alone."

But, TOKEBI followed TISE.
Soon, They enjoyed together TISE's whistle which liked TISE.

When they went to a village...
The sound of the lively whistle and the drum could be heard from the distance.
It may be festival. The strolling players comes, and a dance and a feat are being done.

TISE went into the circle of that dance unconsciously. Then, TISE played a whistle soon.
TISE met the boy striking a drum.
The boy seemed same years old as TISE.

After the dance, TISE and the boy had a pleasant chat.
TOKEBI saw them, and thinked that "TISE have a friend and TISE is not alone any more, this means TISE scares me."
OK, When we will meet next time, I will make him scared very much.
TOKEBI went to him home.
But, his shoulder seemed to be a little bit lonely.

"A Cruel Angel" by HISUIROUKAN
"Wow, it is beautiful."
"I want it..."
"Do you want it?
Dad gave it to me when we got married."
"If I will die, I will give it to you."

"Then, please die eary, Mom."
"Hey, don't say such a thing!"

"Mr. HANIWA & The Tree of Bean" by Manoko

"By the thorn of the rose", Nakaya Yorube.

One year has passed since I met him.
I had many bad things with him during this year.
He was good looking, intellectual, calm and passionate. His impression was good. But...
Every time I met him, he gradually showed me his coward, gloomy, persistent and jealous side.
I did nothing, and I couldn't do anything. He ran after me and I had unpleasant days.

The word and attitude "NO" seemed to have no meaning and effect on him.
He has confidence,
Since we met for the first time....

His beauty like a rose was conspicuous in this town.
As his evil was like a thorn, I was scared and shut myself up in my shell.

The inside of the shell is safe.
It is always warm and pure.
I painted pictures in oils in this shell this year.
I read many books, and wrote poems.
Yesterday, I read the collection of poems of Rilke.
It was pure and deeply sacred poetry.
I read the poetry of the rose many times.
Rilke had a wound in his hand by the thorn of the rose that he loved the most, and died in Switzerland when he was 52.
His poem is attached to his tomb and it's called "the tomb of the rose".

If I try to touch him, I'm sure to suffer from him.
... A life may be taken. ....

Even if his courting is the destiny, is it worth enough to bet my life?
Rilke loved roses.
The thorn of the rose invited him to death.
I wonder if a rose is the flower which wants the lover's life..

"The Bottom of The Night" by Hiroki
I suddenly wake up at midnight.
"What time?
Uhhh, It's still early."

I can't sleep.
As usual.
I can't stop the tears falling
As usual.
I cry, cry and cry...
I become rough,rough, and rough.
"No good...
Even I weak lack of sleep, I can't sleep."
I always stand at the bottom of the night when l forget why I'm crying.
That reminds me that my memory is unreliable.
"I may be sick.
Oh, No! My eyes become swell."
"Where is the ice, ice? "
"Oh liquor! "
"No! I learned that it was improper to depend on liquor!"

"Oh, This is good to cool my eyes! "
Oh, No...
Oh, I'm helpless.
I always stand at the bottom of the night.

I hope the night disappear!
I hope the all thing pass while my eyes are closed!
I hope the night endless!
I hope the night disappear forever!
I hope the morning never begine.
I hope the night never bebin.

I don't need the night I can't sleep.

...The morning has come."
"I should go to the work."
"Oh,shucks! I don't want to go to the work. "
"As for me, first of all only make-up became good. "
"Oh,shucks! I should go to the work! Work, work. "
"Well, first of all
see you tonight again. "

The Bottom of The Night. ...for the night that too short.

"The Dreem of The Moon" by Sono Katsuragi

"What is the matter Yoko?
What are you watching?"

"You come to the lake in this deep wood every night, and what are you watching? "
"There, be shining in the middle of the lake, that is my fragment.
My fragment which I lost.
It gives off a beautiful light from the bottom of the lake which I can't reach any more."

"Once again...
I want to get it back.
My shining part.
Once again.."
"Don't be silly, Yoko.
Don't be.
That is not your fragment which you lost.
That is the moon.
That is the moon to be reflected to the surface of the water."

"That is the moon of the sky which is shines even if it wanes."

"Waiting" by Yoshimi Nakase

Everybody is waiting

At school,
On the railway platform

On the way home,
At the home door,
At the kitchen

In the futon.
"Welcome back"
"Here I am"

"The sky of a fluorescent light" Setsu Tobiyama

What language?. I feel that foreigners are increasing these days.
I can relax after a long absence.
"Hello It has already stopped raining."

Oh,no! I worked even in the dream.
Anyway, it stopped raining so quickly. Just like squall.

It is the sky after heavy rain goes away.
The thick cloud is still shining yellow dully, or a certain portion is whirling with deep black.
Strange feeling. It is so bright only in the ground.
This feeling is... this is the sky of fluorscent light.

Hey God, God. Can I bollow it?

Where is a switch of the fluorescent light?
Here it is!
I wanted to pull this.
What will happen if I pull it?

I traveled here and there of Asia in my school days.
It was very impressive in every country that the stores were shined to the pale fluorescent light in the night.
A nostalgic light for me who have not been born to the time of old electric bulb may be the pale gloomy fluorescent light.

"Oh, I remember to buy an underwear of father.
It won't take long.
It's so cheap."
"I don't like this store.
Mama, let's go another shop."
"Go to the store at street-corner, and buy and eat a three colors dumpling."

"I don't like this store. The light dazzle me. It is something strange and unpleasant."
I understand now why it was .
That is the world filled in the light with no shadow.
the familiar houses and trees...come up just like toy artificial product.
The sky of fluorescent light made a street scene materially.

I used to anxious about many things loseing a profound from man's handwork.
There is breathing and life of those who are working.
Substance is a lie but people is not a lie.
I climb patchy stairs and believe we will reach the ideal world.
...but I got tired.

The magic of a fluorescent light finished unawares. The town had returned to the normal.
Or... This emotional scenery may be the magic which the setting sun makes.
"I don't know."
I remember many things had been forgotten.

Please, the light of Asia... Please illuminate the way which arrives at true abundance.

"The Chrysalis" by Naoto Akimoto

"Why don't you come with us, KAZUMI?"
"I can't because I have an appointment with my school friend."
"Be sure to lock the dodr when you go out."
"All right."
"Let's go."
"Bye." "Bye."


I like dark and small space like this.

Look, the road of dust.

"What are you going to draw this time, KAZUMI?"
"Sunset glow cloud? "
"Just cloud."
"Oh. Really?"

When I was a schoolgirl, I was more cheerful wag.
I wonder if I am the same person.
Even now, I feel I am not myself.
What is this unnatural feeling?
Will I be able to get out of such feeling someday?

new"hitotu" No.1 English guide:
Translated by Mayumi Kawabata/ Naoto Akimoto/
Cooperated by Setsu Tobiyama