"hitotu" No.6 English guide
[3] Prologue
-We have something memories by impressed. That is ture our life.
I think that is important for Manga than technic.
-I recall that it's fun to write Manga thruogh book "hitotu".
-Thank you very much for your attention.
And please enjoy these "hitotu" Manga.

[4,5] Contents
[6] Flower side "Flower for You" ==================================
[7] Paederia by Roba
She was tiny and cute and standing there all the time.
Nobody noticed her. Nobody liked her - Except me.
"You like her, don't you?" "She stinks!"
[8] "Do you know her name?" "She is called - "
"I don't like her!" I don't want to hear it!
That name...
Everybody hate her. ...except me...
[9] After school
"Do you know where that -" "Oh, that one?"
"I threw it away. Because it stinks."
Yes, I liked her. I liked ..only liked that cute and tiny one.
[10]Several years later-. "Hi, are you visiting your family?"

That tiny and cute one was also tough.
stink vine(Peered scandens)
A vine which grows anywhere.
That stem twines counterclockwise.
The name was given because it smells when it is picked.
The flower looks like a tube.
The color is white and purple inside.
[11] - A last day of winter
"What's wrong? stop crying. OK? "
I didn't know what to do and I was just looking at snow falling on her
She was my cousin and seven years old than I. That was my first love.
Sunflower by Hiroki
[12] "Hi" "Long time no see! How have you been?"
"You've become tall!" ...who? She is..
"Hiro, come and have a seat. Have some tea?"
"You look different. We have not seen you for 6 years, have you?" ..she is
"6 years?"
"Yes, since my parent got divorced."
"Remember her? Your cousin, Kaya, used to live our next door."
It is none other...
I DO remember her!! ...but so surprised
"Ha,ha...You are surprised!!"
[13] "My father is getting married again."
- I heard later
that Kaya's parents decided to get divorce on that day.
"His new partner is a nice woman, and he wants to meet her.
But you know, I live with my mother now. So we get nervous."
How can I call her? Mom? Ma'am?"
"I learned from my parents that there was well-matched. I didn't know
it 6 years ago.
I'm relieved that may father finds a well-matched woman."
- Hey, Kaya! You've changed so much!
[14] "To tell you the truth, Hiro cheered me up 6 years ago when I was
shocked by my parents ' divorce. It was so nice "
My first loved woman never be talkative like that!
"I didn't know that."
"Didn't you? I knew Hiro was not a person to chatter."
-Oh, no! My first love has finished just now.
"Oh, it's time to take a bus."
"Take some sunflowers with you. Come and visit us sometime, OK?"
"Thank you. I love you."
"Hiro, take her to the bus stop!"
[15] "Hey Hiro..., are you angry or something?"
"Have you kept IT a matter secret for me? ...Sorry-"
-NO! NO! That was MY secret.
-Well, I'm afraid Kaya can't understand my feeling.
"Yes, you did really encourage me that day.
I thought you didn't remember that day.
... That was really nice for me."
[16] "It has changed a lot around here. It's no wonder. 6 years have passed."
"6 years-"
-Kaya, Do you have sad things and cry alone like that day?
-Still now ..all alone... ?
"Oh, here comes the bus. See you!"
[17] "See you" She ...my first love ...said and smiled like sunflower.
[18] Farewell Summer by Sono Katuragi
It was a short cut to the school to go through this big park.
2 weeks have passed since a new term started.
It's still humid every day, but we can hear the crazy cicadas' singing
with chirps of crickets.
"It's so hot like a hell."
"Yeah, it is."
Ei quit the track and field club this summer, because he can't run
He was an ace.
[19] After Ei found a dead cicada at his feet, he stepped on it.
I tried to tell him to stop it many times.
Stagnated heat with a bad grace.
We keep walking in silence.
[20] Snow by Sono Katuragi
The sky was holding back not to drop a piece.
But as soon as I decided, "I'll tell him", it started to drop large snowfalls.
It is snowing, snowing.
[21] Finally it makes me stop. ...I shouldn't tell him.
I should keep it in mind all my life.
[23] On The Way Home by Naoto Akimoto
"Kizu" "Yoshizawa"
[24] "Is your home this way?"
"I heard you are going to Takayama high school."
"Yeah, it's true.
To analyze from my achievement test, it's only 50% to pass the entrance
exam to Yamanaka high school.
I'm not the kind of man to take a risk."
"You still have time. Students of Takayama are lowbred and I often hear
bad reports."
[25] "I've made up my mind.
You will go to Yamanaka high school, won't you? I know you always
take a high rank in achievement tests. You will be OK.
Let's do our best each other."
"I'll go this way. Bye."
[26] ...
[27] "Oh, this is a dear old nice song."
"Is it?"
BGM by Mizuki Kawana
[28] "I don't think so."
"I like his voice." "He is a poor singer. Just sing in a wheedling tone.
Stupid ballade.
Hey, you don't have to turn it off." "Just..."
[29] "Just say, "I think so." that makes me feel good.
You are such a dull person. I hate you!"
"Hate me?"
"Hate you, hate you, hate you."
"OK, I don't care. I like you, Sakurako."
"Really?" "Yeah."
"Which part? Which part?"
"...What a long boring song!!
I like that your face doesn't match with your character."
[30] The song goes at the back of this silly conversation.
My hidden feeling behind it.
"Give me some coffee after we get home."
"Sorry, there is only cocoa." "Oh no."
"Don't mind. 'Cause it's not so sweet as this music."
I just want to hear our voice, have a conversation with you.
...But I never gonna tell you this.
[31] Kuonn by Kaori Turuhara
Spring, Spring, Flower, Flower, Repetition
[32] Flower, Flower, People, People, Repetition
Repeat it, But it's not the same.
[33] ...The wind from mountain blows the cherry blossoms ...
[34] It's so darling that very momentc
[35] The Flower Blooms In Spring by Mariko
"My darling has gone this winter.
He was looking forward to seeing me.
But I couldn't make my flower bloom.
and this spring...
I couldn't do nothing, but my body starts to have buds..."
[36] "Come on. Come on. Spring has come."
"...What for? He is not here any more... "
"but still time flows. Snow changes into water and moistens you.
The light of the sun wakes your life up."
"Leave me alone. Let me sleep as I do."
[37] "Come on. Come on. Still time flows. ..Time flows."
"...So look up"
"Hey, you are the only one who can bloom your flower."
[38] "They bloom this year at last."
You are not alone...
[39] Spring Has Come by BiiBaa Hime
"Fujii! Fujii!"
"Temi? Long time no see." "Long time no see. Are you going home?"
"Working? It's so late."
"Yeah. A man entered our company and we had dinner with him."
"Do you still draw Manga?" "Yes."
"I still have a picture you gave me on my birthday."
"Really? Throw it away!" "I liked it a lot."
[40] "Are you taking a bus?"
"No, I'll take a taxi today."
I'm going to get married on 5th."
[41] "On 5th? This month?" "Yes. March 5th"
"With who? A man you told me before?" "Yes."
"Congratulations! Have a happy marriage!"
"Thank you."
- "Do you draw Manga? Draw me in your story."
[42] "She looks alike me. What's her name?"
"Um... Take the top and the bottom from your name,
Tejima Mami,..."Temi" "
"Wow! I'll take this for my nickname."
"Temi" "Temi"
"I'm so glad. I'm happy for you"
[44] Wind side "in the wind" ============================================
[45] Template of Oriental Poppy by Akatuki Ao
...the red is glimmer. ...the red is a message. In response to it.
The god of mountain blows the fire and gives a lot of blessing to a prairie.
Oriental Poppy ...flower of fire.
"Talaru mountain gives out smoke."
"We can see a stream of lava and a spark if we get to the top."
"Can we? We must see it."
"Our father and uncles went there when they are our age."
"The road ends." "We have to walk from here."
[46] "Watch your steps. These are ashes.
There are rocks and a block of lava in the ashes."
"Oops" "Lu! Are you all right?"
"The road is covered with rocks this time." "Rocks are hot."
"They are lava."
[47] "Our footprints are red." "Of course. There are hot stream of lava
under this black caked lava."
"Fantastic." "Let's have a look from the top of this rock."
"I can feel a peal of thunder beneath my feet. Great. It's full of power."
"That's great I feel like a fireball."
"Oh." "It's time to go."
"That's good. Going down on ashes is easy."
"It took one hour, but now only 10 minutes."
[48] "Somebody is standing by the horse."
"Hi uncle Anty." "Roto..."
"It's thoughtless" "You went there too, Anty."
"I was 15 and Oty was 18, when we went to see Talaru. You are 14 and
Lu is only 13." "We renew the record!"
"Let's have a race!" "OK. I'm gonna win." "Hey, wait!"
Even though that wind and sand take away the smell of smoke and
sulfur left on their hair and clothes,
speeding horses kick about red flowers of Oriental Poppy and they
change into red footprints, and the red impression remain their memory
on the way home.
The flower language of Oriental Poppy is ... fascinating adventure.
[49] Starscape Navigator by Masahiro Nakamura
Stars change their glitter into the guide to the earth exceed distance
and time.
[50] About 10 thousand ago. The glitter of stars isn't realities which can get
by hands.
[51] It look like the guide to the place where hold the soul in common.
[52] "Hey!" "Am I coming back?"
"Your soul flew to the past again, didn't it? This, I admit, is your Power"
[53] "This is my turn to invite people to time slip."
My special ability led to make Subspace-Traveling-Gate.
I hope you will be the Starscape Navigator...
[54] Thinking deeply is troublesome.
"You know, there will be an interview for course advice."
...The skin is peeling.
"Yeah, I know."
Painful Daily Life by Yuri Matuzaki
...Take it off.
"It's too early to think about my course." "May be they will ask you
going on to college or getting a job."
"May be I'll find a job. I don't like to study." "I haven't decided yet. How
about you, Nozomi?"
[55] "I don't know, either. " ...I've never thought about it.
"Strong wind!"
"What a nuisance long hair!" "Yeah." "You have kept your hair short
for a long time. Don't you let your hair grow?"
"No, I don't like it. I like easy." ...But I have a lot of things to think about.
"Which do you think more profitable, going to college or getting a job?"
"It's different by the person. It's only waste of time to think."
"Everything is up to you." "Ha.." "What?"
"It hurts too much."
[56] "Have you ever thought that "I should have done" ?"
Regret by SHIKI
"What? No, I haven't" "I see."
"How about you?"
[57] ...."Two men ask me to go out at same time. What shall I do?"
"Hey! Tell me."
"It's a secret."
[58] Lemon Grass by Kikuno
One day I had the dream of the meadow where a lot of melon grasses
had grown up.
I obtained and grew one lemon grass.
I gave one lemon grass to the person who had come from a far country.
The time of several years passed.
She called me in the river, and showed me the meadow.
The meadow was meadow which I had seen in the dream before.
[61] Shanghai
Encounter, Memory of Star 3; Shanghai 1928 by Ryouko Tai
[62] "Oh, no.." ..."You can't count on me all the time!"
..."You have to deal with the problem by yourself this time! You must
finish in the course of Monday. OK?"
Everyone is not in this office, excluding him.
[63] "Oh, lunch time!"
"Hello, Kojoro- restaurant? Can you deliver fries of crab and shrimp, ... "
"Are you a manager?" "Yeah, but today is closed because of Monday.."
"I need a job. I can sleep with you."
[64] "What?"
"Hey, wait! Are you kidding?" "I said I need a job! I need money!"
"I eloped with my boyfriend but he has gone somewhere for 2 weeks.
I can't understand Chinese language, have no friends, can't go to a
consulate, but I have to pay hotel charges..."
[65] "So did someone tell you that I love women and I give you a job if you
sleep with me?"
"A rumor is getting abroad... So, what do you want to do?"
"I Do anything."
"No, stupid! It's out of my way to let a young lady do cleaning and dish
washing. There are a lot of ways for women to fall low in this city.
If you want to, do it after you blunder here! Did you really come to
Shanghai only for a man?"
"Song... and dance. I used to take ballet lessons."
"Show me some."
[66] "Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling
'Tis you, 'tis you must go, and I must bide.
...Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so."
[67] "A new singer, right? Bravo, bravo! It was great!
I brought some food for you. They are my treat. And there are for the
new singer.
I'm so glad to hear your song. Eat all of these. I'm sure you will be a
great star."
[68] "OK, I will hire you. But before that, show your dance to a production
department tomorrow. Let me know your size of shoes and dress.
Costume department will prepare them for you. I will give you some
money now for an allow. I will find a place to live after you pay your
hotel charges, so let more know your conditions. I'll deduct the rent
from your salary ...
[69] -"A great star..
I will be punished by Heaven if I play a nasty trick on her."
[70] Moon side "in the Moon Light" ==========================================
[71] A Reminiscent Talk by Yumiko Shirai
My granduncle who was suffered from many illness but never in bed
died. He was 94. About 30 years had passed since he retired, and
most of his friends had passed away.
It was a simple funeral.
"I heard you visited him." "Yes, he looked great. I had a good time to
hear his childhood's story."
"Oh, what kind of story?" "Well, sandlot baseball..."
I had only pleasant impression. I noticed that details of the story was
A memory which has gone away forever ...
[72] "Uncle!"
"Let me hear your story of sandlot baseball one more time!
Say..., there war no outfit and you substituted something for them.
What did you say? And also..."
"Oh, you couldn't have come at a better time!
I've got something to ask you.
Which school won the high school baseball championship?"
Let me see...., Kiryu Daiichi high school, I guess."
"Oh, Okayama high school lost the game.
I understand that the batters of Kiryu play well."
[73] "Now I feel good. Thank you."
"Hey, wait a minute, uncle! The story you told me the other day...
The one you haven't told anyone.
Tell me, otherwise... Uncle..."
[74] My granduncle was a baseball fan. I heard later that he had kept a list
of tournament on the day before his death.
My great uncle EXISTS here.
His earliest days also exist with him.
I'm sure it.
[75] Cat and Me by Hisuiroukann
She and the cat thinking about meaning our life.
[79] Letter of Isolated Island by TOMORO
She is alone in the isolated island.
She is looking forward to the letter every week.
The letter is so dear and sweet.
Then she recalled she is old, and wanted to meet again to him.
[83]Milky Way by Nakaya Yorube
You were good man.
You called me your town and lived together.
But The old town didn't congratulate us.
I ran away because I was so lonely in that town.
Tonight is the Milky Way festival.
I can't forget him. Someday I want to meet him again.
But I want to live for a while here alone.
[93]Sleeping Beauty by Akiko Shimosato
I love my aunt Yuri.
One day she started sleep for a long time.
She may not wake up again.
... Prince may wake up her after hundred years.
[100]Discovery by Miyuki Fuyuno
She started the separation talk.
The reason is that the life only of waiting for him becomes disgusted.
He spoke that he recalled her every day in the arena of warfare.
She decided to find his weak part, and permit him.
Because the war ended.
[104] Coffee Break ========================================================
[105]Surfing On Sine Waves by Kousei Nakai
[118]Haniwa and Soap bubble by ManokoSakana
[120] I noticed lately.
When there is a vacant seat in the train but nobody sits there, a small
angel is there and enjoys looking outside.
A Rumer of Angel by Wakako Iida
As soon as she gets off, the seat is occupied.
[121] And the hollow your nose, that is...
when you came into the world, an angel came.
Not to remember the secret of your former life, she said "hush..."
that is her finger print.
To begin a new life, an angel cast a spell on you.
That is the trace of it.
"You have it.. "
[122] Heaven Can't Wait by Yoshimi Nakase
"Please someone take care of the earth."
[124] Bird side "I'm Looking Blue Bird" ====================================
[125] A Thing I Can't Find Out by Hidemi Kose
I'm always looking for "true love" and "eternal love".
Everybody denies it. But I know.
[126] It's not tender words. It's not sweets kiss. It's not passionate SEX.
It's not money. It's not promise. It's not time.
[127] It's not because I'm lonely. It's not because I'm not satisfied.
It's not because I want to be healed. It's not because I want to depend on.
I'm always dreaming that I go crazy to think about you.
[128] Just like them... "Koutaro & Chieko" in novel.
With eyes which see only you. With ears which hear only your voice.
With rips which call only your name. With heart which make sympathize
only with you.
[129] It is unhappy, but at the same time it may be one of "from of love"
I will run the beach calling your name and my name.
I will run with lighter steps than birds.
I will run with free heart than anyone.
I exceed people's existence.
I will entrust all my life to you.
[130] Somewhere... Is there someone who loves me that much?
Somewhere... Is there someone whom I love that much?
Is it JUST because I haven't found him yet?
[131] Young Birds Migrating Season by Tubameromann
"Good bye, Miss Rui" "See you tomorrow. Be careful on the way home."
"Look. It's Miss Rui's turn today."
[132] "Sigh.." "Miss Rui, you look pensive."
"Oh, I'm just thinking that you are going t graduate soon."
"You must be deeply moved because we are your first students. Right?"
"Yeah, may be." "Why did you come to this school?"
[133] "cWhy? Because it was an appointment from prefecture."
"I heard you are from Tokyo. Why did you take an interview of our
prefecture?" "By accident. I didn't know why."
"really? I heard you follower your boyfriend who had gone to his
hometown." "What? Who told you such a thing?"
"Isn't it true?" "No way!"
"Look, it's time to go home. I'm closing the gate."
"OK. See you tomorrow." "See you. Do your homework, OK?"
"Hey, we are not school children."
[134] So obedient students than I expected...
Though I lost some things in this three years, I feel like being on the
straight to come face to face with students worries.
But students will leave this paradise.
What does this place mean to me? I had no connection with this place till
I arrived here as a teacher. I exist only as "a teacher" here.
"I envy you."
[135] "I graduated from that school and there are many teachers and
students I knew from my childhood.
But I'm just a fisherman's daughter not a teacher."
"Well... yes, but I still feel like going a stranger here ...
I don't think people in this town is exclusive, but..."
"There will you marry a man in this town and live here?"
"To tell you the truth, I was asked to introduce you."
"I don't think there is a suitable man to you in this town, Miss Rui."
"Oh, are you helping?" "Yes, because I noticed you two.
"Call me "Miss"."
[136] "You ARE my cousin."
"You are going to a letter of recommendation. I know you studied hard.
You deserve it."
"You have a boyfriend from your childhood, don't you?"
"Yeah. He will go to a university in Osaka."
"Oh, no. You will get separated. You must be anxious about him."
"No, I will break off all relations with him once."
Students will step forward like this.
[137] "Will you come back?"
"Nobody knows. I don't know what are there outside this town, who will
be waiting or there will be nothing. So I'll go to find it."
I also know nothing about this town...
[139] A Boat by Setu Tobiyama
There may be no truth where there is no desire.
"Oh. Grand pa." "What?"
[140] "Leave him alone."
"Do you like that boat?"
[141] "Oh, is this yours? Can you rent it to me? How much?"
"You don't need money. If you can move it, you can take it."
"What? Do I have to buy it? Is it up to me? Hey, wait a minute!"
[142] "The engine doesn't work. Is something wrong? How about fuel?"
"It's full. All you need is to fill it with your desire."
"What did you say?" "If you desire deeply, it will move." "Oh, it's easy"
[143] "Hey you, how long are you going to stay there?
You always sit there and think about another things.
Does it mean your desire toward this harbor is that much?"
[144] "You know your real harbor, don't you?"
"No.. but I can put out to sea from here."
"Yes, You can go from here to the sea where you want to go.
The sea is connected to everywhere."
[145] "Though it's connected out at sea, it takes years to put out a deep
place. Do you love the sea? Are you going to get along in this harbor?"
"What is love?.."
"I'm sure there is another harbor which weigh upon our mind."
"Yes, there is. But I don't love it."
"If it's on your mind, go there." "I..."
"You will see if you go there. You are a lucky guy. Get out of here!"
"Grand pa."
[146] "It's lunch time. Can I give this soup to him?"
"Sure. You should go home after you eat it."
"Do you know what is there in the middle of the sea?"
"I have no idea. Do you know it?"
"Well... harbor? I don't know."
To the starting point.
[147] When Love Will Achieve by monoKuro
[148] I wonder when this love will achieve. The time when we met?
[149] The time when we changed rings?
The time when we ate an apple in Eden?
[150] Or the day when I felt a small life?
No, no, It's something different.
[151] For example, from these fingertips, from the joined lips,
from the joined cheeks,...
If we could melt, ... and if "You" and "I" could become "YOU AND I"
[152] Oh, it must be ...
It must be the time when this love will achieve.
[153] Watermelon by Maki
"How about your flight time?"
[154] "Oh,... What time is it?" "It's half past three." "I have to go now..."
"Have some watermelon?" "Well."
"Did you offer incense sticks to the altar?" "Yes, I did."
"Oh, this watermelon is so sweet."
"I got it from my neighbor. There are some more. Would you like to take
it home?" "No thank you. 'Cause it's heavy."
[155] "Mom." "What?" "Are you all right by yourself?"
"Of course. I've been by myself for eight years."
"Does brother come home?" "Sometime, but not like you."
"Really? He lives near here, doesn't he?"
[156] "He must be busy because he is married. By the way, you have to bring
your fiance with you when you come next time."
"Oh, no... I don't have a fiance." "Don't you? That's too bad."
"Don't worry about me. I'm going." "OK, OK."
"Will you come home in the New Year's holidays?" "Yes, I will."
[157] "Take care." "OK. Bye-by."
Come home...? I say "come home" when I go to Tokyo and
Kumamoto. To where do I really come?
[158] "Hello? Oh, Uh-huh. What's wrong? Oh, you come to the airport to
pick me up? Next time? I'll come home in the New Year's holidays.
Why? Together? You mean .... Let's get married.
Oh, OK. I'm so glad.
Wait a minute. Shall I go back home and tell it to my mom now?
No? come on. I want to. She must be so happy because she just
mentioned me about it."
[159] Now we are here where we never recall the things about the time
when we couldn't imagine myself ten years hence while thinking deeply about next year.
I Don't Know Where It Has Gone -the latter part by Jun Nishizaka
[160] "You know, it's a opera house. It's gonna be an IMPOSING..."
"Oh, no. What a designer!" "Just like the Shanghai golden age."
"Mr. Wako."
[161] "It took long time to finish the picture."
"Yeah, it's hard to draw as I think."
"Mr. Wako, please finish the lay out picture for a just soon."
"Hey you, Tenbo." "Yes?"
[162] "Turn left at that one." "That one?" "You see. That cloud."
"It's about 100 miles away." "Why don't we go?" "Today is closing..."
"Don't write with a red pen on my textbook which you borrowed. You
know on page 58."
[163] "It's an important part. You should remember it." "What? Will it be
asked in an exam?"
"How is your tuning, Miss Mukaino?"
"It's ridiculous to sing a chorus Tanka ...Japanese poem. "
"It's doesn't make sense if you make pauses in short sound."
[164] "Look. You checked here in different way."
"Well... I used to think that if I felt the same way with the poem that old
people composed, it was wonderful to sing and leave the feelings."
"You are so cute." "Don't cry. The rehearsal will soon begin."
Wherever you and I are. No matter which world or which star you go,
there is no distance, time and problem which make sense.
"Good job, Tenbo! Go under the cloud this time." "Roger."
[165] I deeply appreciate to meet you who I can call "I'm here" with
friendship and yearning.
If there is one thing weighs on my mind, that is ...
[166] That is one question where our thoughts at that time have gone.
I never know the answer.
[167] Have you found it?
[168] The Thing to connect by Gojyo Takeda
"hitotu" No.6 English guide: Translated by Mayumi Kawabata
Edited by Naoto Akimoto/ Yumiko Shirai