Call for Participation to "hitotu"
This site want the lyrical comics.

Let's join hitotu:
Every end of april is deadline of Book "hitotu"

Short lyrical comics.
Starting in 1997.. Published one book every year.
"hitotu" means "1" or "a".
This book pursue honest feelings of artists.
Entry your lyrical comic to@"hitotu" ( indie book)
Write from top of right side to bottom of left side.(Japanese Manga style)
Write in English or Japanese.

Data 5102*3638pixel (600dpi) = 216*154mm
Drowing size=180*120mm(max210*148mm)
refer to sample1.png, sample2.psd
psd, tiff, jpg, png, bmp
B/W or gray

Page=min 1, max 12 pages

Please write author's note for your comic.
...to readers, not to me,

Deadline: evely end of April

Upload on web file or E-mail

contact or mail: info*hitotu.main.jp (*->@)
No reward. Only send a book "hitotu" to you.

Your comic might not be in the book because of space limitations.

This book is Japanese only.
We will make engilsh version on eBook.

I always return e-mail in a week. If you didn't receive return, please contact again, or here.