Summer Vacation: in Ibusuki, Japan

That summer, Taki-chan returned to her hometown by herself.
7 stories, 55pages, B/W.

Haiku Manga hitotu

Short lyrical comics hitotu: Haiku Manga : Starting in 1997. Published one book every year. "hitotu" means "one" or "a". Unlike the commercial cartoons that tend to pursue entertainment, this book pursues honest feelings of artists. All comics are chosen from the public.


for Sustainable Future
based on SDGs

Some of these manga was selected Future Lifestyles Multimedia Contest 2021.

Kaka Island Area 

The stage of this story is 400 years from now.
The world in 400 years' time is described as a eco-friendly and comfortable place to live in.
And I do hope so.
In 400 years' time Tosuka10, an artifical intelligence computer, recovers from a lost civilization of the 21th century.
Ruu and Giru meet many remains in the 21st century through Tosuka10, and they reach out to each other and grow.

This book has 170 pages, 7 stories. Black and white.
It's written in 1996-1997, and added one story in 2000.

A Letter from 22nd Century: Global Union

In the 22nd century, Osaka and the whole world are eco-friendly and comfortable place to live like this comic. And I do hope so.

In the 22nd century,a singning ceremony of Global Union was held in Brussels, Belgium.
Global Religious Conference that representatives from each religion get together was held five years ago.
An oldman living in the 22nd century goes fishing in the nearby river.
28P color comic.
It's written in 2009-2010, and added one story in 2013.

Eco-friendly Life in Kaka Island in the 22nd century

Let me show you the life in Kaka Island.
English version was reliesed at 03.2022.
This book has 79 pages, 10 stories.
Black and white.
It's written from 2002 to 2007 added in 2022.

The Vehicles of Kaka Island in the 22nd century

English version will be released soon. (03.2022)



Gigi Gaga Goo!

Life of Mr. Gigi Gaga Goo. 1 to 7. 110pages color.

GoodbyeWeapon Man

One day, he appeared. Is he robot? color 13P

Jack of Cards

Short story about a women & Mr. Jack. color 14P




365 pictures, 365 women, 12.2012.- 12.2013, at Osaka Japan. ink, kent paper


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